The Perfect Travel Buddies for your Skin

by Joshua Heath

Regardless if you're sitting at the back of the plane, in the middle or up the front, the air is all the same. Unfortunately it's one of the reasons you can look tired and dull when you land. 

What I use to stay fresh faced

  • Treat yourself to a glass of the good stuff, no put down the champagne. Start with a big glass of water, hydration starts from within. Now you deserve that glass of champagne. 
  • Warm Press, most long haul flights offer a warm towel prior to take off (if not go to the bathroom and fix your own). It opens up the pores helping absorb product.
  • I can't go pass EVOHE 3.6.9 Omega oil for hydration, one generous pump into the palm of my hands then onto the face and neck straight after the warm towel press. 
  • WATER, WATER, WATER, if your drinking alcohol have a glass of water after each one. 
  • Before I sleep I apply EVOHE silica mask.
  • Mix together 3.6.9 Omega and Repair Intensive and apply on top of your Silica mask. It will stop the mask from turning white while giving you all the benefits of the silica. This is truly a moisture mask your skin will love while you sleep.  
  • After a sleep, a big glass of water
  • Cleanse with EVOHE face cleanser followed by a warm press 
  • EVHOE 24/7 moisture 


  • Just before landing I use La Biosthetique anti-age -  Patch Gel Listant, its a 15min instant eyes lift
  • Followed by La Biosthetique  anti-age - Traitement Contour to plum up the eye area and help with any dark circles 
  • I finish off with La Biosthetique Hydro-Actif - Traitement Teint Clair for a little light coverage
  • Hanz de Funko - Modify Pomade for a messy yet styled hair do
  • Big glass of water and I'm ready to go

Result - Complete hydration inside and out and looking fabulous

I am not paid by any of the companies to promote their products, I use them because give me the results I want.