"Being stylish does not mean spending a lot of money or buying the latest in fashion, it's about you. Refining your unique style and then defining it, by making it your own."

Engage him without delay

D&C Interior Projects recently held our annual goal setting & future directions day. As part of the day we needed something fun and exciting to include in the day, given it was a Saturday and our team were giving up their own time to be there. 

After briefing Joshua on what we were after, he came back with suggestions on how we could run a Corporate Styling event and incorporate lunch into the programme as well as finish off the day with a surprise for the team as a big thank you for their efforts.

What can I say? Joshua hosted our team at Westfield in a private room with lunch included and it was a rousing success. Given it was a mixed audience I was a little concerned that the gents would not take to it as much as the ladies. I could not have been more wrong. Joshua won everyone over with his charm & more importantly his expert knowledge on Styling and Grooming for success. I think it is fair to say that we, as a company learned a great deal about how to present ourselves in the best light & had a thoroughly good time doing it.

The big surprise came at the end of our day when Joshua arrived with a special hand picked gift for each team member chosen to suit and accentuate their individual style. Everyone still talks about the experience and how much they took from it. 

I can highly recommend Joshua's services and encourage anyone thinking of doing something similar to engage him without delay!

Gary Poechhaker, Director 

Joshua is a style master

Coming from a design background I have exacting expectations and I guess a 'brand' style of my own. 
Joshua brought to my styling session a fantastic understanding of what fashion items suit me and also pushed my boundaries which I loved. 
Very quickly he focused on fashion items that both suited and appealed to me, were flexible in their use and combined well. What was also fantastic was a reduction in the clothing size - now more shaped easily wearing a couple of sizes smaller too! 
The session was so enjoyable I will take Joshua with me next time! 
What better than having a fashion guru with you – a keen sense of style, sharp wit, detail, appreciation of fabrics, fashion design and practicality.

Ray Parslow - Creative Partner, Extrablack 


Frocking up rather than freaking out

How do you find words to describe when you have found your perfect match?!  I love to acquire new garments, shoes, handbags and accessories but generally avoid it till my wardrobe is at desperation stage as it’s a minefield of mismatched sizes and styles out there which send me spiraling into a pit of self-loathing!   My general approach to shopping can be described as a pot luck quarterly assault to get it over and done with but now I’ve found Joshua, despair is no longer in my vocabulary when it comes to shopping and styling!  From his eye for my style and preparation for our jaunt around Westfield to his fun and honest feedback when something just did not work and my haul of amazing items at the end of our time together, I can’t wait for my next appointment and am sending all my friends his way, so make sure you book your appointment soon before he’s too busy!!”

Caroline Gilroy - Principal Consultant


A great event all round 

"I recently attended my first Styling Workshop 'Summer Essentials' event run by personal stylist Joshua Heath, and I had a wonderful evening.  We were welcomed with a delicious spread of nibbles, accompanied by a glass of champagne – things were definitely off to a good start after a long day at the office. The venue was comfortable and intimate, the size of the group of attending women just right.  What impressed me most at the event, was that Joshua skilfully tailored every detail to the predominant age group on the night – rather than imposing a fashion magazine style on an audience it was unsuited for.  The model was gorgeous and a healthy size 12. The goodie bags were a treat all did enjoy.  Most importantly: the clothes, tips and tricks were right for all present – no matter the age or style. A great event all round."  

Daniela Cavalletti, Founder Cavalletti Communications

I get comments ALL the time and I feel fabulous 

I have been working with Joshua for about a year now. Initially Joshua helped me figure out where I had gaps in my wardrobe, and arranged for the clothes I had (and didn't wear) to be tailored to perfection. Result: a wardrobe that just 'works' and saves me time every morning. I get comments ALL the time, and (more importantly) I feel fabulous. Since then I've called Joshua when I've needed special outfits for events - he always finds the perfect thing, despite my notorious pickiness! What I love about working with Joshua is that he has taken the time to understand my personality and lifestyle, and knows what I already have, so he's able to help me build a cohesive wardrobe that works together. But most importantly, the reason I love working with Joshua is that he's fun. It's like going shopping with a good friend who is completely honest, who I trust implicitly, and who makes me giggle whilst saving me time and money and making me look amazing. What's not to love?

Sybil Williams - Atomic Tangerine

Joshua the man with Flair and Dare

He has the patience of a saint, stamina of an athlete and the psychological insight of Freud, the consummate professional. My wardrobe was like an archeological dig of garments dating back to my twenties (now vintage) and through the decades to today’s poorly matched, ill fitting, “missed by that much” garments.  

Joshua took the time to understand my lifestyle and wardrobe needs.  He thoughtfully put together a versatile mix of affordable garments that worked in with my existing wardrobe. 

He transformed a mish-mash of clothing to an age appropriate, elegant personalised collection just for me.

Our shopping day was fabulous.  I felt so special as friendly shop staff showed us to the fitting room where garments preselected by Joshua were hanging.  Yes, we shopped till I dropped; the best fun in ages.

It wasn’t just about sorting my wardrobe; Joshua challenged my perception of self and my style. I now have a renewed interest and confidence in my daily appearance. 

I feel great and I think I look great.  Thank you Joshua.

Christine Robertson - NSW 


It was one of the best things I have ever done

I engaged Joshua in June 2012 for a 'wardrobe cleanse' and winter shop.  In short, it was one of the best things I have ever done and he set up a fantastic winter wardrobe for me which will be invaluable for many seasons to come - I feel fantastic every time I wear one of the things we brought together (or tailored from my existing wardrobe), and people consistently comment in approval.  I enjoyed the experience so much that I swore not to go shopping again without him, and when it came round to spring/summer, Joshua was able to help me again with the same success.  If you have the opportunity to work with Joshua, GO FOR IT!  You'll have a ball, look amazing, and can be confident you will have the look to match the occasion you're dressing for.

 Christina Grover, Managing Director, HR Spectrum Pty Ltd

I lost over 30 kilos and had nothing to wear


I was referred to Joshua Heath-Stylist through a business client, I was looking for someone that could help me purchase a few staple items needed in my wardrobe.

After having lost a lot of weight, over 30 kilos (at the time) I had to buy a completely new wardrobe, didn't know where to start and only had a modest budget to work with. My weight loss had meant that clothing styles I had once bought no longer suited me (or fit anymore) and I had to learn to shop for my new body.

Joshua was very understanding and very professional. His caring and personable nature put me at ease immediately, I instantly gained confidence from our initial meeting and knew I was in capable hands. Joshua not only shopped with me, but had selected clothing items from labels that I would never had looked at prior. He educated me on what clothes to keep, which to professionally alter and how to shop in the future. In addition Joshua also taught me how to wear clothing for my shape and what a correctly fitted item was. My wardrobe has now become an investment, as I have learnt which pieces to continue to buy to add to my collection without any piece dating. Joshua's service didn't stop there, he also advised me on hair, make up and maintenance of the clothing too. His fee was an investment as many of the clothes that I purchased often received an additional loyalty discount simply being Joshua's client.

I would highly recommend this talented stylist to anyone looking to update their wardrobe, simply wanting a new business suit or looking for that something special for an occasion. Joshua caters for all.

Stella Gianotto - Creative Director Stella Design



Miracle Worker

Joshua Heath calls himself a ‘Stylist’ but I think ‘miracle worker’ or ‘transformational worker’ would be nearer the mark.  I had changed careers and needed a wardrobe that would work in my new vocation.  I had a wardrobe of suits and a few casual clothes, but nothing really worked.  I would buy clothes that didn’t, on reflection, fit well and make the most of my shape and weren’t the type of articles that could really be worn past one season. Joshua came over to my apartment and we went through my wardrobe, sorting out what should be kept, what would be given a new lease of life, (more about that later) and what should be donated to charities.  I had a number of beautiful skirts and jackets I had not worn for a number of years for various reasons and was delighted that Joshua liked them and could see how they could be integrated into my wardrobe. With a bit of ‘magic’ from his amazing tailor, they not only fitted, but gave the appearance of one size smaller, (and who doesn’t like that).

Joshua spent time without me looking for a few articles to compliment what we had kept/’revived’ and I went on a shopping trip with him to try on the outfits he had found. What resulted was a very inexpensive shop to get a few items of clothes, some shoes and have a very workable wardrobe.  I now have a much better idea of what to buy regarding shape and colour which will compliment what I already have and can be worn into the future.

For anyone wanting to update their look, their wardrobe, or simply make the most of their appearance, I would strongly recommend using Joshua’s services.  Extremely well priced and great value for money!

Hacy Tobias - Executive Area Manager. Arbonne International

I loved the look and feel of the "new me"

Having lost a lot of weight, my clothes no longer fitted and I decided it was time for some new outfits. I had heard great feedback about Joshua and engaged him to review my wardrobe and help me with a fresh look.  

I must admit to be a little bit nervous, but Joshua was fantastic.  He made me feel comfortable about the process and helped me understand what colours, cut and look worked best for me - both in business and socially. The clothes Joshua selected for me looked great.  I would never have thought of some of his choices, but when I tried them on, I loved the look and feel of the "new me".  I felt more confident and certainly more "stylish".  In addition, Joshua was able to get large discounts, which effectively paid for his services. The reaction from friends, family and colleagues was the best part.  They were amazed at the transformation, which has made a significant, positive difference in my business and in my social life.

Thank you Joshua for all of your help and support,  I could not have imagined the difference knowing my "style" has made to my look and in me as a person.

Ramon Cura - Property Investment Advisor/Licensed Buyer's Agent.


Hear those compliments? Get styled by Joshua.

If you’re like me and feel you already look and dress fairly cluey with unspoken admiration from others, then book a wardrobe session with Joshua Heath… he transforms your stale into style! 

I found Joshua’s knowledge and uncanny ability to match my favourites with ‘new’ gear a master class… This is how shopping should be with a touch of VIP. Want to hear those compliments? Get styled by Joshua.

Roger Vertannes - Business Development Manager. Gallop Solutions